Sunday, July 10, 2016

Study Tips for Finals

Hi guys! It is finally summer and I have finished my final exams a little while ago. It is my first year writing exams let alone final exams, yet I have picked up some very helpful tips for studying and a study schedule that is easy to follow. So I well share these tips with you.You can use these tips for this year's final exams or next year's exams as well, or any exams for that matter.

Study Tips for Finals:

  1. Make word documents for each unit in every subject: You should make a word document for every unit in each subject, once you have completed that unit at school. The word document should include all the information in the unit, formulas, and all the keywords. This is not only a  great way to study and revise but is also a great resource to use to study for your final exams.
  2. Keep hydrated: Keeping hydrated is an essential while studying. Keeping a water bottle with you while studying is great to refresh yourself and keep you attentive, focused, and concentrated.
  3. Don't get distracted: Keeping yourself away from distractions includes- not studying on your bed, not going on your phone and social media sites, not watching TV while studying and not listening to music while studying either. All these scenarios distract your mind and when your brain focuses on multiple different things at the same time, it causes a lack of concentration.
  4. Crash courses and videos: Watching videos gives you a visual representation of what you need to learn and really helps to understand it better. Crash courses are videos on Youtube that explain topics in 5-8 mins, thoroughly.
  5. Go over all your notes before sleeping: After all your studying during the day, on the night before the exam, just quickly go over all your notes. When you sleep your brain tends to think about what you had done just before you had fallen asleep (scientifically proven), so it will help in terms of memorization.
  6. Revise previous tests and exams, homework, resources, past year's exam papers: For studying, other than understanding + memorizing notes you must go over your previous tests and exams and re-do the questions. Revise all your homework and resources that have been given.One of the most of the most helpful thins to revise are the previous year's exam papers.
  7. Take breaks: Taking breaks is important although you shouldn't take too many nor too little. maybe study continuously for 1-2 hours and then take a 5-10 min. break to redeem yourself and maintain consistent attention. make sure that during the breaks you are not getting distracted. Instead have a snack or take a small walk.
  8. Spread out your work: Remember to spread out your studying for finals, preferably start studying one to one and a half month in advance. So you don't try to cramp up all your studying a few days before.
  9. Make a study guide: Making a study guide/calendar helps to spread out your work, efficiently. Starting one month in advance, you can assign each day of the week to a particular subject, to work your way through the syllabus.
  10. Relax: Remember "HARD WORK PAYS OFF!" If you study efficiently, put in all your effort and so your absolute best then I promise you that it will pay off. If you truly know that you tried your best then just be calm and relaxed!